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Honeymoon Destinations in Brazil

by Nia Scott

Apr 30, 2019

Brazil © Mypix | Dreamstime.com


Brazil is a fantastic country to choose for a honeymoon. The country offers everything a couple could possibly desire. There are beautiful beaches with clear blue waters, an exciting nightlife, exotic rainforests and welcoming locals. Those who choose to spend their honeymoon there are never left unsatisfied.

One of the most amazing things about Brazil is the giant rainforest. This area is a home to hundreds of animals and fauna — some unique to Brazil. Never pass up an opportunity to take a trek into the Amazon. Couples can do many fun activities together, such as canoeing or paddle boarding in the Amazon River or hiking through the jungle to spot endangered wildlife. This particular adventure is more geared toward those who love adventure and feel that excitement and thrill bring a couple closer together.

Step out of the jungle and into the city with a trip to Rio de Janeiro. This dynamic city is welcoming and a fun place to spend a honeymoon. Couples have many choices, from relaxing on the beach to dancing the night away at a club. Rio has it all. The white-sand beaches help create a romantic and relaxing mood for a recently married couple.

For those looking to soak up the sun, visit Fernando de Noronha. This archipelago in Brazil boasts the most picture-perfect beaches in the country. Along with gorgeous spans of white sand, there is a lush forested area surrounding that is perfect for photos. Couples will fall in love with each other more after a stay here.


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