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Hoppers, London

Mar 30, 2019

London © Krisztian Miklosy | Dreamstime

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This trendy South Asian spot in the Soho district is hugely popular with diners in the British capital.

It’s not possible to book ahead and most nights there will be a queue out the door, but you can go and get a place then head off for a drink nearby. Just keep an eye on your phone for the message telling you your table is ready.

Once you’re in, it won’t take long to choose your food. The concept is simple and the menu is short. Choose a hopper, a kind of thin crispy pancake, a curry and some sides, then dig in.

The food is served quickly and it’s a messy affair best eaten with your hands. As a result, it’s an enjoyable dining experience among friends, but those on dates or business meetings might want to go elsewhere. It’s hard to be on your best form when you’re struggling to maneuver hot curry into your mouth on the back of a shard of pancake.

There is Indian beer on sale, as well as wine. You can also get traditional South Asian drinks, like lassi, if you want something non-alcoholic.

The atmosphere is lively and the service is fast and efficient. As a result it doesn’t feel like a place to linger over a meal, although I’m sure you could if you really wanted.

Expect to pay around $25 per person for a meal and a beer.



77 Wigmore Street


London W1U 1QE

0203 319 8110


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