Hot Pocket Heated Stuff Sack

by Benjamin Kerns

Jun 10, 2019

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Imagine a stuff sack that could provide you with instant warmth wherever you go. Well, with the Hot Pocket, imagine no more. This heated sack allows you to preheat your gear as you go, ensuring your clothes and sleeping bag are toasty and ready.


Sierra Madre Research’s heated stuff sack is the first of its kind. Equipped with two electric heating pads, the sack is able to provide heat for up to six hours without needing a recharge. It’s cordless, solar-power compatible and button-activated. The stuff sack is large enough to carry your sleeping bag and small gear, like a change of clothes, but also doubles as a heat pad when empty. Simply load it up and turn it on, or you can stuff it inside your bag overnight to keep the chill away.


It also comes with a few handy features for outdoor lovers. The sack is equipped with a USB connection so it doubles as a phone charger. Sierra Madre Research also offers an optional accessory strap that turns into a backpack for the day.


The Hot Pocket is great for camping, but can also be used in tons of other situations. Bring it along on an airplane for extra heat, or take it with you to your favorite sporting event.


Hot Pocket is set to retail for $179, but early backers can snag a great discount. First shipments are expected to begin in November, so check out the website now for more features and ways to order.



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