How to Dress Parisian

by Nia Scott

Jan 22, 2019

Parisian Apartments © Marchello74 | Dreamstime

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Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city is known worldwide for paying close attention to fashion and, because of this, the citizens are also generally fashionable. The uniformity in selective fashion inspired others to dress “Parisian.” To many, this style is fashion forward but minimal and distinctive. The Parisians don’t focus on flashy or vibrant colors, rather they use neutral tones. Their look is emulated by others through wearing striped t-shirts or long trench coats but following the Parisian style goes deeper than adding a couple extra pieces. It’s also trying to embody the busy lifestyle of a Paris native while wearing clothes that make you stand out from the crowd.


The Parisians always keep their clothing and accessories to a minimum. Don’t wear more than a few pieces of jewelry, or alternatively, only choose one statement piece like a scarf or hat to make an outfit great. Simplicity is a law among the Parisians, nothing too flashy, vibrant or distracting should take away from the entirety of the outfit.


Tone down an outfit to make it more distinct and unique. Parisian outfits often mix dressy with casual. Add flats with a skirt instead of heals or dress up jeans with elegant sandals. It’s these small wardrobe decisions that change a person’s outfit to a Parisian outfit. The idea is to not make the outfit look too perfect or put together. That purposeful casualness is a favorite amongst Parisian stylists.

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