How to Find Cheap Flights to Europe in 2019

by Allie Moore

Feb 19, 2019

Oberbaumbridge, Berlin © Lasse Behnke | Dreamstime

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If it seems like it’s getting cheaper and cheaper to fly from the United States to Europe, it kind of is. With a bit of flexibility and open-mindedness, it’s never been more affordable to fly across the Atlantic for a dream-like getaway. Here are a few ways to find the cheapest flights to Europe this year.


Be flexible. If you’re open in terms of dates and destinations, finding an inexpensive flight will be a piece of German chocolate cake. Using sites like Google Flights ( will allow you to play around with travel dates and cities to find the best option for your schedule and budget. Flying during one of the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) and during the weekdays will yield the best results.


But also plan. Booking a few weeks or months in advance will also offer better results as prices tend to be lower approximately six months before your anticipated travel dates. Use sites like Kayak and Hopper to track flights to see when prices rise and fall.


Be wary. A few of Europe’s famous low-fare airlines have faced a bit of financial trouble as of late, so be cautious before booking with airlines like WOW air and Norwegian Air, both of which have been forced to cancel some of their routes between the States and Europe.


Dip into your miles. A European vacation is a great way to spend all those points you’ve been racking up. Look at partner airlines such as Air France, KLM or Lufthansa to spread your points across an alliance with which you have copious miles.

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