How To Have the Best Airport Experience

by Katie Skrzek

Aug 21, 2019

Air travel is great, but sometimes stressful — even before you board the plane. However, some airports change the game, making your travel experience enjoyable from the start. © Lukasz Kasperek |

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Despite the excitement surrounding travel and your next big trip, dealing with the chaotic and sometimes confusing environment of an airport can get some trips off to a rocky start. Here are a few ways to have a better experience at the airport and maintain your pre-trip joy.


Allow plenty of time. If you usually leave late, try to leave earlier. Monitor traffic along the route to the airport. Plan any public transit options in advance. Arriving late to the airport and facing a handful of lines is no way to start a vacation. Allowing yourself extra time is the only way to ensure you’ll arrive at your gate with time to spare, maybe enough for a pre-trip cocktail.


Pack wisely. In order to breeze through security, keep items you’ll need to unpack (e.g., electronics and liquids) toward the top of your lugagge. Avoid wearing jewelry or other metal items, and consider doning your favorite slip-on/off shoes for a seamless security experience.


Take advantage of your carry-on. Pack your carry-on with all the necessities you may need on the plane, such as medications, layers to warm up if the plane gets cold, a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and antibacterial gel to clean your hands when you don’t have access to soap and water.


Be respectful. Smiles are contagious, so smile at your TSA agents and gate attendants and soak up their returning smile. Smiles instantly lift your mood and will put you back in vacation mode.





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