How to Use a French Press to Make Coffee

by Erich Martin

Jan 29, 2019
Tips / Other

If you ask 10 coffee connoisseurs how they prefer to make their coffee, you will likely get 10 different answers. Everyone agrees on fresh-ground coffee beans, but after that, the similarities cease.


French press coffee is a special kind of coffee defined by course-ground coffee and singular-cup brews. The system is also known as a coffee press or plunger and the apparatus allows coffee drinkers to enjoy the full flavor of the brew without losing any taste to a coffee filter.


The brewing process is similar to a single-cup tea brewer. The person places coarsely ground coffee into the press, where it brews for anywhere between two and four minutes. After the coffee is brewing for the desired amount of time, the coffee is pressed with considerable force, separating the coffee from the grounds and creating French press coffee.


Much of French press coffee’s flavor comes from the oils present. When using a drip-brewing process, much of that oil is soaked into the paper coffee filter. When a French press system is used, it allows the full product of the coffee to be extracted and delivered.


You can find French press coffeemakers on Amazon.


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