by Emeri Callahan

Feb 26, 2019

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The name may be cheesy, but the benefits promised by the HumanCharger user’s guide are not. Marketed as “sun in your pocket,” the small handheld device resembles one of the first-generation iPods and comes with headphones that channel bright light through your ears directly to the light-sensitive regions of the brain. This is expected to increase energy levels, improve mood, increase mental alertness, reduce the effects of jet lag and keep winter blues at bay.


According to its Research section online, the HumanCharger was developed based on recent studies that indicate brain areas can be reached by light through ear canals and ear tissues. When bright light is directed through the ear to the brain, studies have shown an alleviation of jet lag symptoms and reduction of fatigue, forgetfulness and the symptoms related to seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


For travelers, the HumanCharger is compact enough to slip in your carry-on or purse without fuss. It’s recommended to use the device within two hours of waking up each morning for 12 minutes at a time for daily use, and the User Manual offers additional information how to use the charger to tackle other issues such as jet lag and SAD.


After personally using the device every day for a month on a recent backpacking trip, I recommend the product for frequent travelers who want the extra kick to get rid of jet lag or keep your energy up during the day as you explore. Coming in at a whopping $219 before tax and shipping, you may be fine getting by with a second (or fifth) cup of coffee instead.



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