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Insta360 ONE Camera

by Allie Moore

Jan 4, 2019

© Kiyoshi Hijiki | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

Gifted with a healthy heap of holiday cash? Putting it toward a new camera is one way to meet your 2019 resolution to travel more. With a camera like the Insta360 ONE, it’ll be hard to ignore the itch to escape your hometown and capture the world on film.


This “Action” camera can shoot in 360 degrees, capturing everything that surrounds you with one move. Its editing capabilities allow you to edit directly on the camera, eliminating the need to upload files to your computer and having to edit using software.


The camera is ideal for adventurous travelers as it contains FlowState stabilization, meaning shots can be taken while running, skateboarding or even when attached to a remote-controlled device. When attached to a selfie stick, the ONE camera shoots without revealing the stick, ensuring perfectly positioned shots without the obvious appendage. Control the camera via Bluetooth as it can connect to Android devices. Smart Tracking capabilities allow the camera to track what it’s filming and keep focus on a moving object.


The Insta360 ONE camera weighs just 8 ounces and measures 3.8 by 1.4 by 1 inches. The camera can be purchased on Insta360’s website or on for $249 and comes with one lithium metal battery


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