J-Pillow: The Ultimate Travel Pillow

by Brandon Schultz

May 7, 2019
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Winner of the 2013 British Invention of the Year award, the J-Pillow is billed as the ultimate travel pillow for side sleepers. Unlike traditional u-shaped neck pillows, the J-Pillow is an admittedly goofy-looking plush consisting of three arms that somewhat resemble the letter “j,” designed to support the chin, neck and head simultaneously. Like most travel pillows, it’s malleable and can snap to luggage or a handbag for easy transport. Unlike most travel pillows, it’s also completely machine washable. But is it any better than a traditional, smaller pillow?


What Works:

If you find yourself in the window seat of an airplane or against the side of the car on a road trip, the J-Pillow does create a sturdy and comfortable support for head, neck and chin. A traditional neck pillow does nothing to cushion the side of your

head from the plane/car wall, while the J-Pillow creates a comfy barrier. In this position, it’s an excellent product that lives up to its hype. I take more than 100 flights a year and, because I’m a window-seat traveler, I will continue to bring my J-Pillow with me on longer journeys.


What Doesn’t Work:

If you’re an aisle-seat traveler (or worse: stuck in a middle seat), the pillow isn’t thick enough to provide any support at all, despite promotional images. Worse, because of its unusual shape, it won’t even stay around your neck unless your shoulders are shrugged up to your ears, which isn’t comfortable or healthy for your neck or back. The J-Pillow only functions well when you are next to a wall that can assist in holding it in place, bolstering the support and cushioning it promises.


If you’re a frequent road-trip passenger, or always sit in a window seat on a plane, the J-Pillow is a great investment for you. Otherwise, you’re better off with a traditional neck pillow.


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