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JetComfy Travel Pillow

by Allie Moore

Sep 7, 2019
Products / Travel

Among the myriad shapes in which travel pillows can be found (C-shape, cone-shaped or standard rectangular pillow shape), it can be a constant struggle to figure out how to use these devices for a comfortable and as-natural-as-possible nap on a plane. However, the JetComfy travel pillow may have the solution for travelers who find it difficult to rely on the standard travel pillow designs for an upright sleep.


Whether traveling by car where there is usually more space to set up a sleeping arrangement or by plane where space is limited, all you need is an armrest to set up and sleep on the JetComfy travel pillow.


The JetComfy travel pillow is a small, brick-shaped pillow with an adjustable stand that allows you to rest your head comfortably and in the most natural position possible, aligning your spine and taking the weight off your neck.


The adjustable stand includes a strap that wraps around an armrest, from which the stand extends toward your face with the pillow attached to the end. Adjust the stand to the desired height and simply tilt your head to the side to rest on the soft memory foam pillow covered in a soothing fleece material.


The pillow comes in grey or blue, with a black adjustable stand, and is sold on Amazon.com for $34.99.



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