Keep Avocados Fresh Longer With AvoFresh

Jun 12, 2019

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Avocados aren’t cheap and, while food waste of any kind isn’t ideal, it’s especially irritating to see expensive produce go to waste. Unfortunately, the all-too-familiar browning caused by oxidation when avocado flesh is exposed to air comes quickly, so if you aren’t mashing the entire avocado for your toast or eating the whole batch of guac in one sitting, you’re going to have unappetizing leftovers you’ll likely end up tossing.


Yes, you can still eat avocado that has turned brown, at least for a couple of days, but the oxidation does bring a bitterness that ruins the flavor, so you’re not likely to take more than one bite. And yes, you can use lemon or lime juice to help delay oxidation, but only if you have it on hand and if your snack can tolerate a more liquid consistency. AvoFresh, however, is a convenient powder that can be mixed directly with mashed avocado or added to 8 ounces of water and sprayed onto slices or a leftover half of avocado before storing. Made from vitamin C and calcium carbonate, it’s OMRI-certified organic, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO, and will not just prevent unappetizing browning from oxidation, but will help preserve your avocado (sliced, mashed or simply exposed) for up to seven days.


Each packet of avoFresh contains enough powder to preserve up to three small avocados and, while lemons and limes (like most fruits and vegetables) generally can’t cross international borders, avoFresh can, making it ideal for traveling avo-lovers.Bra


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