LGBTQ+: Boulder, Colorado

by Benjamin Kerns

Dec 25, 2018

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Boulder, Colo., is like the charming, quirky younger sibling to Denver, offering a lively downtown area and surrounding views of the Rocky Mountains. Explore the idyllic, brick-lined Pearl Street Mall’s galleries, cafes, restaurants and boutiques, and witness the city’s academic and cultural prowess firsthand at the Fiske Planetarium, Museum of Natural History and Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Boulder, Colorado, has long had a reputation for being one of the most liberal small towns in the country, and they’re pretty proud of it. Visitors and locals alike often tout how welcoming the area is to all communities, which is why it’s a great little place to serve as a home base while you enjoy everything the Rocky Mountain State has to offer.


Boulder doesn’t have a gay bar, per se, because every bar is jokingly a gay bar — and a straight bar, and a lesbian bar and a cowboy bar, etc. No matter where you go, you’ll find folks from all walks of life mingling and having fun. In fact, it doesn’t have too many places that primarily cater to the LGBTQ+ community, because it has never really needed one.


However, it does have one boisterous event each year in the form of September’s Pridefest. This is when the community gathers in Central Park to celebrate, while also participating in the Big Gay 5K run. Outside of that, there’s plenty to see and do here. For instance, being a university town, there are plenty of shows to attend. The Colorado Shakespeare Festival and Colorado Musical Festival are two highlights throughout the year.


Colorado is a state built for adventure, so don’t waste too much time sitting around town. Instead, make your way up into the Rocky Mountains and try your hand at any slew of adventure sports. There’s hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding and rafting all within an hour’s reach of Boulder.


The city of Boulder is an incredible place for the LGBTQ+ community to visit thanks to a welcoming atmosphere and epic beauty around ever corner.


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