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LGBTQ+: San Carlos de Bariloche

by Benjamin Kerns

Jul 24, 2020

© Goodluz | Dreamstime.com

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San Carlos de Bariloche is a resort town located in the foothills of the Andes. The Patagonian city is a popular base for skiers and hikers and boasts world-famous chocolate. It’s also a wonderful destination for LGBTQ+ travelers.


The city is located on the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, providing ample opportunities for watersports during the summer. It’s also surrounded by the country’s oldest national park, an Andean forest and nearby Mont Cathedral. The resort features 75 miles of ski runs alongside 20 bars and restaurants. When there’s no snow on the ground, the region boasts an endless system of trails, canyons and plenty of swimming holes to explore.


San Carlos de Bariloche is also home to hundreds of European immigrants from Italy, Germany and Austria. This has led to an inclusive environment among its 120,000 citizens. In addition to its excellent outdoor offerings, the diverse locale contains some impressive restaurants and shops. It’s well-known for its artisan chocolates as well as smoked meats, and a wide range of flowers and fruits from all over Patagonia.


The tiny resort town is immensely welcoming, beautiful and fun, making it the perfect option for a South American getaway for LGBTQ+ travelers.


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