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LGBTQ+: Sitges, Spain

by Tiffany Chisholm

Jan 23, 2020

© Iakov Filimonov | Dreamstime

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Sitges, Spain, 35 kilometers south of Barcelona, may be one of the best destinations for a LGBTQ+ traveler. It is a beautiful town on the coast of Costa Brava and arguably the gay capital of Europe. Homosexuality has been legal since 1979 and gay marriage has been legal since 2005, so Spain is a LGBTQ+-friendly destination for people in the community. Throughout the town, there are pride flags of all sizes flown to show off inclusiveness.


Multiple gay bars and clubs, restaurants and shops can be found in the town, showing how open and accepting the inhabitants are. There is a gay beach that boasts a rainbow flag where LGBTQ+ members and allies gather. Couples can be seen holding hands and loving each other openly, so there is no shortage of PDA in the area.


Every year, Sitges hosts a weekend- to a week-long gay pride parade along the beach in June. There are a bunch of groups who come to show off their pride in themed outfits and through music and dance. You can find boat parties, pool parties, live shows and after hours you can go bar hopping. El Orno is the most popular gay bar in Sitges and then you can head onto Joan Tarrida Street, a gay street in Sitges.


There is also a bunch of events hosted in Sitges throughout the year for the LGBTQ+ community. As it is an inclusive community, all people are welcome, but, for the most part, heterosexuals will probably be the minority in the area.



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