LGBTQ+: South Africa

by Erich Martin

Jun 18, 2019

Cape Town © Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang) | Dreamstime

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South Africa has a lot going for it. Incredible wildlife, bustling cities and a welcoming LGBTQ+ culture make the country a world-class destination for all travelers.


The Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2019 ranks South Africa the safest and friendliest country in Africa for LGBTQ+ travelers.


South Africa’s biggest tourist cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town, are also great cities for LGBTQ+ travelers. The cities host regular festivals celebrating LGBTQ+ culture and have many popular venues.


Cape Town, especially, is loaded with events. The city hosts an annual Pride festival in mid-February. Cape Town also hosts The Pink Loerie. This Mardi Gras-like festival takes place annually over five days and celebrates local LGBTQ+ culture with shows and live entertainment. is an excellent resource for travelers heading to the city and has listings for popular bars, hotels and tours.


For a bigger city experiences, travelers can check out Johannesburg. Beefcakes regularly hosts drag shows and is a great spot to get a burger and cocktail. If you don’t mind leaving Johannesburg proper, Babylon Club is in Pretoria, just a few miles north of Johannesburg.


Johannesburg hosts its own Pride festival and has many bath houses, bars and history to discover.


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