Liquid Hardware Aurora Bottle

by Megan Hill

Jun 12, 2018

© Anton Barashenkov | Dreamstime.com

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There are a lot of insulated coffee mugs on the market — and many very good ones. Liquid Hardware’s Aurora mug is one of the best, thanks to its magnetic lid, fun body colors and vacuum-insulated design.

The tagline of “never lose your lid” is a nod to Liquid Hardware’s smart addition of a magnet on the outside of the coffee mug’s lid. When you wash or store the mug, the lid securely attaches to the mug body, helping to ensure it doesn’t get lost amid a pile of similar mugs. It’s also perfect for easy stowing as you fill the mug, ensuring you don’t have to awkwardly hold it if there’s no flat surface to set it on — making it ideal for camping, for example.

The vacuum insulation means your hot contents stay hot and cold stays cold for a remarkably long time. The leak-proof lid also ensures the contents stay put inside the mug; it works perfectly. The product is easy to clean and maintain, and it will look sharp after many uses thanks to a stainless-steel body.

The midsection of the mug comes in various colors, including the fetching “melted colors” option. There’s also plain stainless for more straightforward tastes.

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