Little Italy, New York

by Audrey Lee

Dec 23, 2018

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With every culture one could imagine all huddled into New York City, the food destination possibilities are almost endless. Little Italy is a cultural explosion of Italian food and shops that will bring out the Tony Soprano in anyone.


As you walk down the cobblestoned streets, the smells of hearty Italian dishes and freshly baked breads waft through your nose. In the warmer months, outdoor seating is available at almost every restaurant so visitors can enjoy the summer breeze as they sip on their wine and enjoy homemade pasta. As colder months approach, restaurants become packed as everyone inside enjoys a family-style meal. Most of the 39 restaurants to choose from are located right on Mulberry Street, but some are established around the corner on side streets.


After enjoying the wonderful food, visitors can browse the many shops to stock up on Italian goods. Cigars, ceramics, specialty foods, jewelry and more can be found in Little Italy. Tourists can bring home homemade pastas, but it may not be as good as the restaurants prepare it. Other stops in he area include a museum and several churches visitors can explore. In September, the San Gennaro Festival fills the streets to celebrate the religious holiday.


Little Italy is a great place to be immersed into Italian culture in the big city. With plenty to do, a whole day can easily be spent exploring this part of the city.


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