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MAX Briefcase

by Jack Guy

May 15, 2019

© Ensuper | Dreamstime

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A minimal design which offers a twist on an old classic, the MAX is aimed at business travelers and commuters.

It is made from high-quality canvas which offers great durability and weather resistance, while a stylish all-black look means you won’t draw attention to your valuables. There are six external pockets so you can keep your essentials handy, and there is a detachable gadget pouch for when you don’t need to take the whole briefcase out and about.

The MAX offers great functionality thanks to separate pockets that help keep your stuff organized, such as an internal pocket for a coffee cup or water bottle. No more spills if your bag gets thrown around in transit.

There are even two elastic bands on the bottom of the bag to hold your wet umbrella or an extra jacket that won’t fit inside. The bag really has been thoughtfully designed and it shines through at every turn.

The team behind the briefcase tested the product in a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, smashing the target and entering the production phase. You will be able to buy a briefcase for $65 when it goes on sale, with shipping scheduled for June 2019.



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