MOS Backpacks

by Jack Guy

Jul 11, 2018

© Pindiyath100 | Dreamstime

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If you travel with a lot of electronics, check out the MOS Blackpack and MOS Pack Grande.

Digital nomads, photographers and content creators always seem to have lots of electronic gear that can easily become disorganized. A specialized backpack means your cables, batteries and chargers won’t get mixed up or lost.

MOS shot to fame on Kickstarter with a magnetic cable organizer, charging cables and power adapter, and now they’re back with these great backpacks. The Blackpack is a 1680 D ballistic nylon pack that boasts built-in charging capabilities and separate pockets for various devices. It’s got a hard-shell quick access pocket and a built-in rain fly to keep your stuff safe and dry, as well as a clever cable management system.

The Pack Grande expands on the original pack thanks to an expansion zipper that boosts capacity from 28 liters to 40 liters. It can fit up to 17-inch laptops and has super wide straps for increased comfort when carrying heavy loads.

Both packs have the MOS Reach+ power adapter built in, which means you can plug in multiple devices to charge at one wall socket. Simply connect your devices to the adapter via USB and plug your backpack in at the wall.

The Pack Grande will retail for $140 and the Blackpack will set you back $135 after the MOS Kickstarter campaign is over.

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