Mud Run Destination Travel

by Audrey Lee

Aug 15, 2018

© Leerobin | Dreamstime

Trends / Health & Wellness

Climbing rope swings, flipping tires and wading into deep puddles of mud are not the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of vacation. With the recent boom of high-intensity mud run races, travelers into fitness plan trips around these exhilarating events.

Franchises, such as Spartan Race, are global. Competitions are now in locations such as Canada, South Korea, Australia and several countries around Europe after originating in the United States. Having a variety of places to choose from, travelers have the chance to stay fit while exploring new countries and can snap some awesome Instagram pictures that will surely gain a lot of likes. Fitness fanatics make sure to pack racing gear while exploring these countries so they never have to miss out on the excitement.

While most of these races occur on the weekends, travelers have the chance to check out the surrounding cities for the rest of the visit, although they may be exhausted in the hours following the competition. On average, these types of activities take participants about three or four hours to complete, depending on the individual’s speed. In that time frame, racers can expect to burn approximately 1,500 calories if all obstacles are completed at the highest intensity. This allows participants to indulge on local cuisine after they cross the finish line without having a guilty conscience.

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Tropicfeel Travel Shoe

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