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Jun 21, 2019

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Nando’s is an internationally beloved fast food chain that’s not only gained a place in the hearts of travelers, but also in the hearts of celebs, ranging from Kanye West to Gigi Hadid. Now, you can have a little taste of Nando’s without leaving your house, as the South African restaurant chain recently debuted its PERinaise sauce in the United States.


PERinaise is a take on the brand’s famous PERi-PERi sauce; it’s a blend of the original sauce and mayonnaise for dipping, grilling, spreading and mixing, with a unique spicy mayo flavor. Ingredients include African Bird’s Eye chilies, sun-ripened lemons, herbs and spices and cage-free eggs. It comes in original, hot and lemon and herb varieties. All options are gluten-free, kosher and made with no artificial flavors or colors.


You can buy some to try at home via Amazon, or pick up some at a Kroger, Harris Teeter or Safeway grocery store, if you happen to have one of these chains in your neck of the woods.


You can still pick up the regular Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce in stores as well, the same you might enjoy in the restaurant, including mild, medium, hot, extra hot and lemon and herb varieties. PERi-PERi-flavored salt is also available.


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