Nano Pods Affordable Earbuds

by Benjamin Kerns

Mar 5, 2019

earbuds © Agencyby | Dreamstime

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UNICK Nano Pods are poised to be the world’s most affordable, truly wireless earbuds. With a target price of only $19, the Nano Pods are designed to offer incredible sound for everyone, regardless of the size of your paycheck.


They’re packed with grapheme technology and supposedly unbeatable sound quality. The Nano Pods also offer a whopping 25 hours of continuous playtime with the use of the charging case. Designed to fit any ear shape and size, the earbuds are both lightweight and stylish without compromising quality. They connect through Bluetooth 5.0 to offer a solid wireless connection. Some of the features include a smart assistant with easy access to voice controls, and touch controls. They even include noise isolation so you can tune out the voices around you on a plane. The earbuds are also sweat-proof, so they’re perfect for late afternoon jogging sessions or travel to warmer climates.


While there are plenty of earbuds out there to choose from, the affordable price of the Nano Pods make them the perfect option for travelers. Any money saved on excellent gear is more money toward your next trip!

If all goes to plan the Nano Pods should begin shipping in May 2019. Check out the website for more information on features and how to order.



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