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Natural Spa Treatments in Iceland

by Emeri Callahan

Nov 6, 2018

Ring Road, Iceland © Julius Kielaitis |

Trends / Health & Wellness

Iceland managed to keep its relationship with nature pure and simple. Sheep are free to roam across the land at leisure, the tap water comes straight from the surrounding glaciers and the ingredients used in food and products are as locally sourced as humanly possible. The country’s wellness industry follows suit, so you know you’ll get a healthy, natural treatment when you book an appointment at one of these two top-notch spas.


The Retreat Spa

The brand-new The Retreat Spa located inside The Retreat at The Blue Lagoon resort is worth a trip to Iceland alone. That’s a big statement, but the spa deserves every ounce of its praise. The spa offers guests private access to the mineral-rich waters of The Blue Lagoon, allowing them to wander through lava canyons and unwind in the warm water in seclusion. After soaking, make your way to the lava-enclosed underground sanctuary for The Ritual, a complementary treatment for spa-goers and hotel guests. The Ritual is based on the rejuvenating powers of the lagoon’s three natural wonders: silica (cleanses and strengthens skin), algae (nourishes and moisturizes skin) and minerals (exfoliates and energizes skin). The ingredients are extracted from the Blue Lagoon and processed on site, so what goes on your skin is straight from the surrounding earth.


Ion Spa

The super-secluded Ion Adventure Hotel, a boutique hotel in the mountains of Thingvellir, boasts the world-class Ion Spa, built on top of lava rocks to blend in with the surrounding region. Many of its treatments use Icelandic herbs from the surrounding valley to promote relaxation and harmony with nature. Try the Glow Facial, which incorporates many ingredients from the earth to leave skin cleansed and soothed.

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