New Zealand on a Budget

by Angelique Platas

Mar 15, 2019
Tips / Destination

Long tempting travelers with its wild landscape and cinematic allure, New Zealand is an active traveler’s dream. While the price tag can sometimes scare off your average traveler, there are a few ways to make the epic journey more affordable.


Getting There

With new transportation opportunities opening up, avid travelers can get to New Zealand a bit easier. With non-stop Air New Zealand flights between Auckland (AKL) and Chicago (ORD), travelers in the Midwest and even on the East Coast can enjoy more efficient flight options. This flight is one of the few direct options available from the United States and one of the only offered outside of the West Coast and Hawai’i.


Getting Around

Once on the island country, travelers can explore New Zealand by way of land and sea. Recently reopened in December, guests can take the coastal train along the stunning coastline while relaxing in the comfort of a train car. Move through the country by train or sail the open sea on a cruising vessel showcasing New Zealand’s incredible landscape from a unique viewpoint.


Once you land on a destination to call your homebase while in New Zealand, take bike rides, kayaking excursions and walking tours to get a better lay of the land. Kiwis are an active population, so you’ll feel like a local by getting out and about while sightseeing.


Where to Stay

A top destination for backpackers, New Zealand has a healthy list of budget-friendly accommodations. Use this link to determine the region you want to be in, narrow down your location and sift through the most affordable and convenient stays available.


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