Nighthawk Jacket

by Jack Guy

Apr 17, 2019

Jacket © Mr.siwabud Veerapaisarn | Dreamstime

Products / Clothing

A slim-fit bomber jacket that packs in loads of features without looking bulky, the Nighthawk is perfect for travelers.

Best suited to the warmer conditions of spring and summer, the jacket is a practical urban garment that has thoughtful design elements throughout. Think NFC pockets in each sleeve for your travel pass, headphone cable hangers and access points to plug into your devices. There is a dedicated headphone pocket, key pocket and coin pocket, as well as a slot for an Apple pencil.

It is made from waterproof fabric known as Spacewalk that keeps the elements out while remaining breathable. Zipped pockets add security, and there is a breast pocket for your passport or boarding pass.

The aesthetic is clean and fashionable, with minimal detailing on the upper arm and the back of the neck to break up the black fabric. It looks streamlined despite the number of extra pockets and other features.

Overall, it looks like a smart piece of kit, and the people of Kickstarter seem to agree. The project received full funding, and will now go on sale for £95 ($125). Delivery is scheduled for April 2019, which means you can order now and get your new jacket in time for spring.


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