Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

by Benjamin Kerns

Sep 19, 2019

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The Norshire Mini is the world’s smallest tire inflator. As powerful as inflators 10 times its size, this nifty device is the perfect tool to have on hand for any road trip.


The compact, cylindrical design packs a whopping 56-watt power output thanks to the embedded 380 ferromagnetic motor and 30,000 rpm. The Norshire Mini is able to produce 18 kilograms of torque, pumping 10 to 17 liters per minute, allowing you to inflate your tires in moments. A built-in microcomputer controls the inflator’s entire system, and even allows it to remain unused for a full year without losing charge.


The inflator has only four touch buttons so it’s easy to use — a power key, start/pause key, and +/- buttons to adjust pressure values. It’s also significantly quieter than larger inflators. The device even comes in three versions, depending on how much power you need. Norshire boasts both a battery and battery-less version, along with a Power Version for the quickest pump.


The Norshire Mini tire inflator exceeded its funding goals on Kickstarter and first shipments are expected to begin October 2019. It retails $49.99–99.99, depending on the version. Head over to the website to find more information on features and ways to order.



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