Observing Orangutans in the Wild

by Erich Martin

Jul 4, 2019

Similarly, the Borneo Lowland Rainforest, approximately 140 million years old, is shrinking quickly due to climate change and deforestation. Residents include endangered orangutans and the world’s smallest squirrels. © Fabio Lamanna | Dreamstime.com

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Africa is typically the destination that first comes to mind when one thinks of great apes. Gorillas, Chimpanzees and lesser apes like Gibbons call the continent home, but Orangutans live to the east, in Asia.


The biggest think to take into consideration when planning to travel somewhere to view wild animals, especially Orangutans and other great apes, is they are critically endangered. Orangutans can only be found in the wild in parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. It is important to always be conscious of sustainability.


One of the best ways to see Orangutans is by planning to see ex-captive animals. These animals are much more used to seeing humans and are more likely found in areas humans can easily access.


Sustainabletravel.org has a number of recommendations for people who want to view wild orangutans.


The website suggests tourists catch a boat cruise in Sabangu National Park, in Borneo. On this boat tour, visitors will get to see the animals before they are actually released back into the wild.


It is also possible to see wild orangutans in their natural habitat, but it is much more difficult and rare to see a truly wild animal. The jungles of southeast Asia are being quickly deforested, limiting these animals’ habitats and way of life.




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