Optimus Luggage

by Holly Riddle

Jun 9, 2019

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A new luggage brand promises to combine two things that can be difficult to find in a luggage purchase — a good price and high quality. Optimus is a direct-to-consumer luggage brand that just recently launched its first collection.


“For years, we’ve watched travelers grapple with the decision to either buy high-end designer luggage that costs more than the trip itself or cheap throwaway bags that can’t even make it to the airport gate without falling apart; we knew we could do better,” said Yi Zhang, founder, Optimus Luggage. “A few other companies have also claimed to take the direct-to-consumer approach, but they have missed the mark. We are taking this model to the extreme and delivering quality product at unprecedented prices.”


There are three sizes to choose from within the new collection. The Optimus Carry-On comes in at 20 inches; the Optimus Medium Checked Bag comes in at 24; and The Optimus Checked Bag comes in at 28 inches. There are three colors — charcoal gray, dark blue and lavender.


The primary features of the luggage include four 360-degree wheels; resilient zippers; a tough polycarbonate hard shell; space-maximizing interior organization; a TSA-approved lock; and a built-in USB port. The latter is exclusive to the carry-on size and the battery pack is not included. For each suitcase, travelers receive a 100-day trial period and 10-year warranty.


“Our research left us with two vital questions: ‘How can luggage be more reliable and more affordable?’” said Zhang. “Always up for the challenge, we committed ourselves to creating the answer to both; the result is a product that’s 50 percent cheaper but 100 percent better.”


Optimus Luggage is now available on Kickstarter, starting at $59 with a guaranteed ship date of Nov. 1.


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