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by Eugenia Lazaris

Sep 24, 2019

Hollywood Boulevard © Mirko Vitali | Dreamstime

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Hollywood is home to more amazing restaurants than one can count, but OsteriaMozza on Melrose stands above the competition when it comes to Italian food. The interior blends classic Italian charm with a modern, upscale look to create a stylish space ideal for breaking bread and enjoying drinks with friends.

Start with a selection from the Mozzarella Bar, which has a wide assortment of mozzarella dishes that blend traditional Italian flavors with modern combinations like peaches or fairytale eggplants. Under the Antipasti category, the Wild Arugula and Brentwood Corn is one of the menu’s stars. The delicate flavors of arugula, corn, avocado and feta cheese blend together expertly to create a refreshing salad that prepares your taste buds for the delicious meal to come.

The Primi course offers handmade pastas such as the Ricotta and Egg Raviolo, a delicious delicacy served in a brown butter sauce. When the tender pasta pillow is broken open, the ooey-gooey egg yolk center spills out to mix perfectly with the brown butter for an experience that brings your taste buds to life. The Secondi course offers a selection of proteins ranging from fish and fowl to beef and pork, all paired expertly with delicious sauces and veggies.

The Dolci, or dessert course, has an assortment of delectable treats that are the perfect way to finish off your meal. The Strawberry Crespelle is a delicious combination of balsamic-drizzled strawberries and candied walnuts paired perfectly with a delicate ice cream-filled crepe pouch.

The wait staff clearly takes pride in their profession, bringing expert knowledge about the ingredients and flavors of the food and wines. Their commitment to your dining experience guarantees an indulgent restaurant experience.


6602 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90038



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