Palm Reading Apps

by Nia Scott

Sep 8, 2019

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Looking for a peek into the future? Download a palm reading app to learn about your future and your past. These apps are fun and entertaining for users. It’s something to do on the phone purely for entertainment. Perhaps the fortunes are true, and this is giving insight into users’ past, present and future.


The ancient art of palmistry dates back thousands of years to the Chinese, Indians and Romans. It is a way to learn a person’s personality and future by analyzing the hands, palm lines, finger and fingernails. It’s said the palm gives insight into a person. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but for many people the lines have been accurate, which makes this type of fortune telling so popular.


To start off any palm reading app is going to either take a picture of your palm or need to see it to analyze the lines. The best practice for palm reading is using the right hand. This is because for most people, the right hand is the dominant hand. The right hand is thought to represent what a person becomes after they have grown up and the left represents the physical and material things a person was born with.


PalmHD: Palm Reader is an app that analyzes a picture of a person’s hand and tells their past, present and future in multiple categories. This app focuses on love, health, career and success. Another great app for palm reading is Palm Reader Insights Palmistry. This is another app that analyzes a photo of the user’s palm, but this app gives more insight into life with more categories such as money, children and marriage.



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