Parque Eco-Arqueológico Copalita

by Benjamin Kerns

Mar 31, 2019

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The Parque Eco-Arqueológico Copalita is a 200-acre environmental region that rests on the coast in the town of Huatulco, Mexico. It gets its name from the abundance of copal-filled trees in the region, and is one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Or at least it used to be. These days, the park can get pretty crowded during the weekends.


The views found here are incredible, with scenic overlooks of rocky outcrops jutting in the ocean. You’ll also find a wide variety of animal and plant life, and can expect to come in close contact with plenty of animals along the way. Our tour guide warned us not to interact with them, though, so I suppose they can get a little cranky! It’s a popular area for bird watching.


The real draw of the park is the various archaeological elements strewn throughout the former city of Copalita. Inside you’ll find a serpent temple, and what is believed to be some sort of ancient grounds for playing ball games. Then there’s the main temple, which rests on a hill on the outskirts of what was once the primary area of the village. The stone structure is impressive in scale, but access to the inside is blocked off.

I found my visit to the Parque Eco-Arqueológico Copalita to be a fascinating trip into the past, as well as a great way to experience nature in the region. Anyone interested in a daytrip to Huatulco should definitely spend a couple of hours here exploring.




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