Passing Time When Snowbound

by Erich Martin

Feb 4, 2019

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There is nothing worse than feeling cooped up when the snow starts to fall and access to the outside world is reduced. Depending on the severity of the storm, you could gear up for an extended stay inside. Luckily, in today’s age, we have plenty of options to stay productive from home.


If you haven’t lost power, you’re in luck. Boot up Netflix or Hulu and watch a favorite comfort movie, assuming you have not lost cable or internet connections. This might be your best opportunity to binge that new show everyone has been watching without the guilt of staying home.


If you are more of a video game person, boot up the latest hit and sink your teeth into a digital adventure. Assuming I had no work to catch up on, this is definitely the direction I would go in.


If you are stuck at home during work hours, and your job lets you work from home, this is a great time to get cozy with a mug of tea or coffee and play catch up with work.


If you have lost power, start by collecting your flashlights and candles. If you are snowbound on your own, crack open a book and visit worlds you never have or learn something new. If you are snowbound with friends or family, you can take this opportunity to play some board games and spend quality time together.


Being snowbound is generally considered a bad thing, but using the time to meditate and self-reflect with some personal hobbies is an excellent opportunity.

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