Pay Less For Broadway

by Brandon Schultz

Aug 8, 2019

Lower Broadway © Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

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If you’re heading to New York City, there’s a strong chance you’re hoping to catch a Broadway show. If so, there’s an even stronger chance you’re going to spend a fortune to see it. With the cost of center orchestra seats pushing past $300 for many major musicals, a single ticket is a considerable expense, a pair is formidable, and a group of family tickets is astronomical. But there’s hope for the savvy.

New Yorkers are familiar with Broadway lotteries and rush policies, granting steeply discounted tickets for day-of purchases under very strict guidelines and with even more restricted quantities (sometimes as few as ten pairs per day). Rush tickets are typically available to the first arrivals when a ticket office opens in the morning, and offer a handful of tickets (usually good ones) for somewhere between $30-$50. Lotteries can generally be entered the day of, and sometimes the day before, with winners drawn at a designated time daily; the prize is the right to purchase tickets at prices similar to rush tickets. These are solid options for those living in New York City, with the ability to pop in to a show on a whim, but those visiting often try to schedule their days more firmly, making lotteries and rushes inconvenient or even impossible. For visitors, TKTS saves the day.

With three locations around Manhattan, TKTS operates booths selling discounted tickets, usually around 50 percent off for most shows that still have tickets available for that day’s performances. Because they’re subject to availability, you won’t catch sold out shows like Hamilton or even Wicked, Still, at TKTS, but the list is quite extensive, and most shows are available, most days. You may not know which show you’ll be able to see that evening, but you can be sure that something good will be available to you, so you can schedule your NYC trip carefully and save hundreds of dollars on quality Broadway tickets with TKTS.


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