Philly Coffee Shops Worth a Visit

by Angelique Platas

Aug 8, 2018
Trends / Food & Drink

Coffee shops can be found on nearly every corner of every major city. Skip the Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts and stop in these anything-but-basic coffee shops during your next visit to Philadelphia.


La Colombe Coffee Roasters in Fishtown draws visitors in with an old-school light bulb sign and trendy vibe. Flanked by thrift stores and tattoo shops, La Colombe offers more than artisanal coffee. Enjoy small plates, tap brews and comfort food in an open, swanky atmosphere.


With one location in Fishtown, another nearby in Kensington and another in Garden Court on Pine Street, ReAnimator Coffee is not for the faint of heart. The strong, bold coffee is brewed on site.


Buy and sell records or just grab a coffee at Milkcrate Café. Located on Girard Avenue in Fishtown, Milkcrate is a no-nonsense spot with a dive-bar feel serving coffee, food specials and punk vibes all day.


In Bella Vista and Queen Village, Shot Tower Coffee is an unassuming corner spot with outside seating and an old-school industrial feel inside. Enjoy iced, hot or pour-over coffee and espresso, seasonal drinks and tea.


Across the city in Southwest Center City, Rival Bros Coffee Bar is a big name in the Philadelphia coffee world. Proudly served in restaurants and cafés across the city, Rival Bros is a local hero. Enjoy a wide variety of brews and blends in any of the three locations.


Head to any one of Good Karma Café’s three locations for great food, pastries, hearty sandwiches, fair-trade coffee and a calming ambiance.


Meanwhile, in South Philly, Anthony’s Italian Coffee House has the sweets. Enjoy Italian pastries and desserts with an espresso, or put them both together in an affogato — espresso poured over gelato.




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