Pinterest for Travel

by Nia Scott

Jan 16, 2019

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Pinterest is an online pin board where users can pin anything that interests them onto their board for safekeeping. There are millions of users from across the globe that rave about Pinterest. In fact, anyone reading this article is probably already familiar with the phenomenon. Pinterest is a great way to keep track of ideas or concepts that might want to be revisited later. This helps keep travel plans organized, visible and inspirational. The pins will stay as long as you keep the information pinned so it won’t matter how much time has passed.


The pins help organize trips by destination or whether the trip is practical or not. Dream trips to faraway lands are less practical than the road trip being planned in a home country. However, these dream trips will be revisited one day in the future; until then, it’s best to have them organized in an accessible area.


The pins keep the dreams visible and alive. The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is relatable to the situation with Pinterest. Before the app, there was no need to be micromanaged by a person or company. Yet, with new technology rising, it’s best to keep ideas on the forefront of your mind so there isn’t a chance of forgetfulness.


The app is easy to download and easy to navigate for those not handy with technology. In addition, this makes it easy for travelers to use while on the go.


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