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Pizza Toppings Around the World

by Erich Martin

Nov 5, 2019

© Mr.smith Chetanachan | Dreamstime

Trends / Food & Drink

There probably isn’t a food as ubiquitous as pizza. No matter where you go, you can find some version. There are classic, omnipresent toppings like pepperoni and onions and more niche toppings that spread globally, like pineapple.


Meat is a pretty common topping for most pizzas. Australia takes this a bit further with kangaroo, shrimp and crocodile meat as popular options. While you’re Down Under, you might as well indulge and see what the local taste is all about.


Japan favors some pretty different toppings on pizza. A specific type of pie, the Mayo Jaga, is topped with potatoes, corn, bacon, pimiento, mayonnaise and onion. All of that, minus the mayo, sounds pretty good to me.


Anchovies are popular in North America as far as fish on pizza goes. Russia ups the seafood game with tuna, mackerel and salmon.


According to the CBC, reindeer is a popular topping in Sweden, while certain regions in Africa really enjoy bananas and curry on pizza.


This list is mostly to mention the oddities of pizza abroad, but the United States offers its share of weird toppings, too. This pizza place in Brooklyn offers grapes, while another offers durian. This Milwaukee pizzeria offers chili cheese Fritos.


Suffice to say, if there is some kind of food that could, and should, stand on its own, somewhere in the world, someone tried putting it on a pizza.





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