Porch and Proper

by Katie Skrzek

Jan 1, 2019

Collingswood Farmers Market © Amy Gizienski | Flickr


My husband and I recently dined with another couple at Porch and Proper in Collingswood, New Jersey. Across the river from Philadelphia, the restaurant serves up New American cuisine.


The week before our reservation, Philadelphia magazine gave the new restaurant a positive review, so we were happy to experience Porch and Proper before it become too popular. We arrived on time for our reservation and were immediately seated at a table by the window.


Porch and Proper is a BYOB, so our waiter began by opening our wine and putting the bottle of white on ice and the red in a decanter while we perused the menu. With many options to choose from, we all opted to do the tasting menu, which included one item from each section of the menu: snacks, small plates, grains & pasta, large plates and dessert.


After we ordered, our meal started with an amuse bouche of a sunchoke chip with cream. The flavorful bite was the perfect start to our meal. We were treated to another complimentary starter — maple honey cornbread. I hope the bread makes it to the regular menu.


I had wild mushroom gougeres as my snack and salmon crudo for my small plate. I was disappointed by the gougeres, but really enjoyed the salmon, finished with beets, apple, dill aguachile and horseradish. Up next, pappardelle al ragu. The pasta was perfectly paired with rich beef, tomato, cheese and oregano. I stole a bite of my husband’s cacio e pepe. I would order that pasta next time. As my main, I enjoyed poached halibut with sweet onion nage, emmer wheat, leeks and ikura. The fish was perfectly cooked and the sides helped complete the dish. Four desserts were available, so we ordered one of each to share. Between the apple cider beignets, panna cotta, hazelnut pastry and cheese plate, the pastry was the standout.


Before dessert we realized we were running late for theater tickets we had and informed our waiter. He speedily prepared our desserts and the check so we were able to leave in time. Between the food, service and atmosphere, Porch and Proper is a must visit.


Porch and Proper

619 W Collings Ave.

Collingswood, NJ 08107

tel 856 477 2105

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