Preparing Your Car for Cold Weather

by Erich Martin

Dec 4, 2018

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Cold weather has begun to envelope the Northern Hemisphere. In many places, the cold already has a grip, and won’t begin to relent until mid-March.


With the cold bearing down, you might wonder what is the best way to combat the cold for your car. Preparing it for the cold is no easy feat, but these tips should make the preparations a bit easier.


First things first, make sure your car is equipped with an emergency kit. Cold weather places a strain on cars’ internal systems, including the battery. Make sure you have a functioning set of jumper cables. Your roadside emergency kit should also have a few heavy blankets, flares and basic tools for changing a tire.


Once your emergency kit is set up, look toward your car’s internal functions. Make sure the oil has been changed within the last six months or 3,000 miles. While you are handling this routine maintenance, check into getting your tires rotated. The rotation gives the tires an even wear, and keeps the car driving like it should. If your tires are wearing down, consider them replacing them.


After checking your oil, make sure you have plenty of coolant in your car. This fluid is responsible for keeping your engine’s temperature in control, but also for warming the cabin of the car. Heat is obviously extremely important for the car in winter.


At the end of the day, though, make sure you use common sense. If the roads look perilous, it doesn’t matter how much you have prepared, new oil and coolant won’t stop a wreck.



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