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Samsara Luggage Reveals New Line of Tech-Friendly Functions

by Holly Riddle

Jan 29, 2020

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A new line of Samsara Luggage provides travelers with more tech-friendly functions that result in greater reliability and security. The new luggage contains revolutionary IOT tracking solutions for the most accurate location data for smart suitcases on the market. The technology works similarly to GPS tracking technology used by ride-hailing apps, giving travelers real-time tracking of their bags for fewer frustrations.


Last year, 24.8 million bags were mishandled, according to Sita, and lost luggage results in added travel time, costs and hassles.


“Consumers no longer need to rely on tracking methods that only offer estimated location services. Samsara is the first to bring a precise location data technology that complies with all regulations to the smart travel marketplace,” said Atara Dzikowski, co-founder and CEO, Samsara Luggage.

“Samsara is a unique and visionary company,” added Kathy Ireland, board of advisors, Samsara. “Samsara continues to develop the best travel technology on the market, providing global travelers with a state-of-the-art travel experience. This new and disruptive tracking technology aims to minimize the aggravation and hassle associated with lost luggage, which many travelers experience. As Samsara continues to focus on strategic solutions for the tech-savvy traveler, we look forward to bringing our customers the most cutting-edge, smart, luxury luggage on the market today.”


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