Products to Pack If You’re Pregnant

by Katie Skrzek

Apr 19, 2019

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The babymoon trend is adding to the number of women traveling while pregnant. Expecting moms often need special items to take on the road. If you plan to travel while pregnant, you may want to consider adding these products to your suitcase.


Compression Socks

Wearing these socks, especially on a long flight, aids in circulation and can prevent blood clots. Opt for a pair that feels snug, but not completely restrictive.


Neck Pillow

Pack a neck pillow for extra comfort and support onboard. Try this one from trtl. The pillow is easy to pack and provides comfort if you’re on a long flight where you want to sleep.



In addition to any prescriptions you take, be sure to pack a variety of reflux medicine and painkillers in case you encounter discomfort in flight.


Anti-Nausea Treatment

Even if you normally don’t experience motion sickness, you may be more sensitive while pregnant. Pack any anti-nausea prescription medication you may have. Try some anti-nausea lollipops, like these from Three Lollies. Invest in motion sickness bands, like these from Sea-Band.


Be sure to consult with your doctor before making any travel plans, taking any new or different medication and for general travel recommendations.


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