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QT Hotels and Resorts Offers Digital Detox

by Erich Martin

Jan 10, 2020

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At Japamala Resort on Malaysia’s Tioman Island, you’ll find yourself tucked into palm forests, looking down over a picturesque, private beach. The boutique resort offers two restaurants, a full-service spa and is nearby to the Asah Waterfall and Tioman Marine Park.

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It is a fact of life that we are consumed with technology. Whether we are checking social media, responding to work emails or just doing online shopping, our phones consume us. This package from QT Hotels and Resorts looks to give guests a chance to pull the plug on digital baggage.


QT Hotels and Resorts is prominent in Australia and New Zealand. The Power Down package gives guests a reason to disconnect from their phones. Upon arrival, guests give phones to the hotel for a self-imposed 12-hour break. The break can be longer than 12 hours, though.


The program works like this: Guests arrive, and from 7 p.m.–7 a.m., the hotel takes care of participating guests’ phones. During this time, guests are treated to extra amenities in their room and at the property’s bars. In-room amenities include complimentary wellness bowls, juices and supplements or wine and cheese at the bars on property.


Guests also receive in-room wellness gifts to support them throughout their time without their device. The goal is to center guests without succumbing to their nomophobia, or the fear of being without a mobile phone.


Guests can check out the new offer online.


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