Renting an RV

by Anne Flannery

Oct 11, 2018

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The open road and the great American road trip are two things that hold a romantic place in most North American hearts. Even if actually going on a road trip is not your style, you can probably understand the appeal. Road trips are affordable ways to see the country, particularly if you are comfortable with camping.

If you prefer a little more luxury while roughing it, motels are the classic route; however, this can add up. You may want to gather your friends, have a serious conversation about what a road trip really means and rent an RV. Some things to remember about this plan is you will need to find a place to park your RV, charge your RV and, in some cases, dispose of the waste created in your RV. If these elements are not too daunting, you are ready to go.

A good way to find available rentals is by visiting Go RVing. Just type in your city or zip code and they will provide information about rentals in your area. Another option is visiting Cruise America, a company that rents and sells RVs. So if you come back from your road trip with a desire to make this situation permanent, you already have access to the right channels. Pricing is dependent on season, availability and the duration of your trip.



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