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Research Shows Travel Stimulates Creativity and Productivity, Especially Among Millennials

by Holly Riddle

Aug 8, 2019

Isla Verde, San Juan, Puerto Rico © Arenacreative | Dreamstime

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A new study from CWT shows that 60 percent of travelers feel more creative and productive while on a business trip. This is especially true for North and South American millennial travelers, of which 77 percent feel more creative and productive while on a business trip. Millennial travelers in Asia Pacific and Europe showed similar feelings, with 75 percent of Asia-Pacific millennial travelers indicating that they feel more creative on business trips, and 58 percent of European millennial travelers feeling more creative on business trips.


Overall, though, across all generations, Asia-Pacific travelers are more apt to say they are more creative and productive while on business trips. The study surveyed Asia-Pacific travelers from Australia, China, India, Japan and Singapore.


Why the increase in creativity and productivity? It could be tacked up to the ability to work face-to-face and collaborate with colleagues that business travel allows. The study found that 60 percent of travelers are more productive when they can do so, as opposed to when they work alone or remotely.


“We are proud to be in a business that helps bring out the best in people,” said Niklas Andreen, executive vice president and chief travel experience officer, CWT. “These findings are not a surprise — travel energizes people, fosters fresh thinking, creates connections — and nothing beats a face-to-face meeting.”


The study collected responses from nearly 3,000 business travelers that have traveled for work at least four times in the last 12 months.


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