ReveaLED UV Flashlight

by Jack Guy

Apr 13, 2019

© Mikhail Matsonashvili | Dreamstime


This dual-purpose flashlight will help you spot marks on your hotel sheets as well as light photography shoots.

It’s a tiny light that can easily fit in your bag, ready to be used when you get into your new room. If you are a germ-conscious traveler, the ReveaLED will help you spot when bedsheets have been used or surfaces haven’t been cleaned properly.

An altogether more fun use for the product is as an accessory for your phone. Clip the light onto your handset to snap UV photos of your surroundings. It’s a pretty cool effect that will make your shots stand out, especially if you come across some exotic critters.

ReveaLED absolutely smashed its Kickstarter campaign, so there must be a lot of people out there concerned about the cleanliness of hotel beds. To be fair, research does suggest many hotels don’t change their sheets as often as they say they do.

At $60, the light doesn’t come cheap, and it’s hard to justify the price unless you’re a germ obsessive or a photographer looking for a new tool for your work. Other than that, you could use it as an interesting toy, but you can decide for yourself after checking out the Kickstarter page.




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