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Second Home Serpentine Pavilion, Los Angeles

by Eugenia Lazaris

Aug 20, 2019

© Giuseppemasci | Dreamstime
While Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive is a tried-and-true shopping classic, the city offers some great off-the-beaten-path boutique shopping as well. Head to York Boulevard for mom-and-pop shops, locally made goods, vintage finds and great artisanal food spots, and stroll through The Grove, an open-air mall and farmers market.

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Los Angeles recently welcomed Second Home Serpentine Pavilion at La Brea Tar Pits. This unique art installation consists of a series of iridescent tunnels and is giving Angelenos and the city’s visitors a unique experience to explore. It’s making waves as the next best place in L.A. for selfies.

Four ends of tunnels created from multicolored plastic (made of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) come together to meet in a large central cavern. By day, the sun lights the structure through the shiny plastic and, at night, the entire space glows from within. As the light plays off the material that covers the structure, the effect inside is a magical world of color and imagination.

The installation is the brainchild of designers José Selgas and Lucia Cano, who together make up the Spanish team of SelgasCano. Presented by the Second Home project, the serpentine pavilion is the company’s way of introducing themselves to the city and preparing it for future innovations they would like to introduce, like a communal workspace expected to be called Second Home Hollywood and a possible future homeless housing project.

The rainbow structure was originally displayed in London’s Hyde Park and took 10 weeks to carefully transport and rebuild in its new temporary home.

The structure is on display until Nov. 24, and is free to visit, however a timed entrance ticket is required.



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