Seeking Thrills in Kjeragbolten, Norway

by Erich Martin

Jun 7, 2019

Kjerag. ID 123678828 © Viktor Hladchenko |

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Daredevils who love to pose precariously need to add Kjerag to their list of hiking destinations.


Kjerag is one of the best places to go hiking in Norway. Not only is the mountain the tallest in the country, but it allows for some pretty excellent photos of hikers on Kjeragbolten.


Kjeragbolten, or, the boulder of Kjerag, is situated sturdily between two crags. While these photos are the ultimate prize, the entire hike takes between six and 10 hours to complete, according to Visit Norway. In terms of safety and preparations, the best thing to do is research the length of the hike and make sure you are in suitable physical condition for it.


Once you complete the long hike out and arrive at the boulder, the most intimidating part of the hike is the actual drop down onto the boulder. The drop is a few feet down from the spot where you arrive.


When organizing your hike, make sure to travel to the region at a time when weather is manageable and dress appropriately. As with all strenuous hikes, make sure to pack enough food and drink for the duration.


Getting to Kjeragbolten is easy, too. There are many ways to get to the start of the trail.


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