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A Self-Guided Washington D.C. Walking Tour

by Mary Melnick

Feb 13, 2020

Also in Washington, D.C., the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, erected in 2011, is a granite sculpture of the powerful figure and a reminder of his and others’ fights for racial equality. © Patricia A Hamilton – Dreamstime.com

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Take your time and explore Washington, D.C. on your own. A self-guided walking tour of the monuments is perfect for those who want to go at their own speed. Most of the outdoor monuments are within walking distance and can easily be seen in one day. To make the most out of your day, start with the closest one and make your way around. If you are closer to Arlington, Virginia, start at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and end at the Capitol Building.


Once you are done paying your respects and remembering Martin Luther King Jr., head to the Lincoln Memorial and honor the 16th president. After that, take a stroll along the Reflecting Pool and appreciate everything you have and reflect on the people who came before you to help make you who you are today.


At the end of the Reflecting Pools, you end up at the World War II Memorial. This memorial is beautiful and breathtaking and honors all those who fought for our country during a difficult time in history. Next, head up the hill to the Washington Monument to honor George Washington.


The next attraction is the White House, a little bit of a walk from the Washington Monument. . End your walking tour at the Capitol Building — although you can’t go inside, it still makes for a great picture.



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