Skiing for Beginners

by Erich Martin

Mar 29, 2019

skiing © Dolomitesummits | Dreamstime

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It is intimidating to get started in any new sport. Add in the fact the sport takes place on slippery, steep mountains and the intimidation factors begin to mount.


If you are going skiing for the first time, I wholeheartedly recommend you purchase a lesson. Any resort worth its salt will have lessons available for skiers of all levels. If you are anything like me, your first time on skis will be nothing short of disastrous.


A competent teacher will be able to gauge your intrinsic skill and tell how much independence you can handle at each step. If you listen to the teacher, you will be just fine.


If you are dead-set against getting a ski teacher, you might be okay on your own if you follow some basic safety tips.


First off, make sure you have all the proper gear. In addition to properly fitted ski boots, skis and poles, you will need a helmet. If you are going up the mountain or plan on moving with any sort of speed, goggles are recommended.


Start by taking your time getting used to the way it feels to stand on the skis. You might slip around, but this is normal. Do not rush. Once you are used to traversing level ground, look for minor slopes. Practice putting your skis into a wedge shape. This will break your speed and allow you control. This is the primary way you will descend slopes until you are comfortable turning and maintaining a controlled speed.


There is of course more to it, but getting the hang of these basics will probably tire you out your first day on the slopes. Head in and rest while getting ready to hit the slopes with a new vigor tomorrow.




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