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South Korea, Post Olympics

by Andrew Melnick

Sep 10, 2019

Seoul, South Korea © Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

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Pyeongchang, South Korea, hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics. Since then, the area hasn’t seen the boost in tourism expected, but travelers still come for the snow and other great activities on offer.


Alpensia Resort is located in the Daegwallyeong mountain pass. It is divided into a winter sports area, golf village and resort area. The ski jump tower was used in the Olympics.


Yongpyong Resort has many different slopes, including the longest one in the nation. When the ski season ends, guests can enjoy golfing and extreme sports, like zip lining and the mountain coaster. During spring and fall, the mountains are perfect for hiking. They recommend taking the gondola to the peak and enjoying the fresh air as you hike down.


Something else to do here is to visit Jeonggangwon. It was established in order to preserve, research, distribute and promote the values and merits of traditional Korean food culture to the world. There is a food museum, hanbok experience and cooking lessons.


Every winter, for about a month, Pyeongchang hosts its annual trout festival. During it, you can go open-ice fishing, the main event, or tent fishing and bare-hands fishing for trout. There are also some fun activities like tubing, ice-skating and sledding.




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